November 23, 2007

Long Legs!

Wow! Look at those legs! They're somethin' else let me tell you. Punkin Face hardly fits into any of her 3-6mo. stuff anymore. That's it for today. Just wanted to get another pic up.

November 17, 2007

So much has changed since the last post...uh, one being this is "Wifey" writing this post. So, don't let yourself get too upset if you don't find yourself laughing out loud or rolling on the floor laughing or even crying. I am not the writer my husband is. And I should apologize now for all the grammatical errors to come (or already come).

We flew out to the Midwest to see Ma and friends and family one last time before she moves close to Beckster and family (Cornland). It was a bittersweet stay, knowing I will never set foot in my old many memories; bad, good and in between. Life. I know with Ma gone I just won't visit as much as I would have and it makes me sad. I will miss all the Village friends and neighbors and especially the Bramers (like Husband, I am trying to keep names and places discrete). I was very glad to show off Punkin Face (our daughter) to all there. Sadly we didn't have enough time to see everyone we wanted to.

Dad picked us up at the Chicago airport and we met up with D and a friend to see the Star Wars exhibit...pretty neat, and while we were at the museum we also saw a really fascinating German sub, which we almost weren't allowed to tour. They were sold out for the day, but when the lady asked if we could come back another day we explained we were from out west and she let us in for free. We donated some money on the way out.

Then Dad drove us home and we all had dinner at Ma's-I love Ma's food. I was anxious to get there because I knew Beckster and the troupe were waiting for us. I was excited to see Nuttma (grandma) whom I wasn't expecting to see. We had a pot luck on Sunday with our meeting which was really nice and we even had pictures taken in our semi-matching outfits. Beckster and I went through some of our old baby clothes and dolls and other misc. items to decide what each would keep or toss...that brought back memories. The house was crazy that weekend, but too short and soon they were on their way back to Cornland and it was just us and Ma.

We went to visit my friend on the lake, I'll call her Skeight, and our old roommate, Nill, came down also. Skeight, Nill and I had a great time catching up with each other's lives and Husband teased us all...I guess he had to do something to keep himself entertained with a bunch of girls. That was really nice. I hadn't seen Skeight in two years and Nill since my Track years ('03 I think). I wish them the best.

The next night we went out to eat good in the neighborhood with Husband's old coworkers who I shall call Nerd #2, Matey and Wisty. Once again it was nice to catch up.

Wednesday we went to our little bible study and they had a delicious apple crisp and ice cream for all of us. That was neat to see all the families growing up so much and in more than one way. We probably won't be back there for a long time...bittersweet.

That was our last night with Ma and again it went way too fast. Somewhere in there we had an offspring fest at the Village neighbor's house. That was exciting and made me feel kinda old. We headed to D&D's for the rest of our stay. The Greats and G&J came to visit on Friday and they got to see Punkin Face. We ate Dad's delicious cookies and were entertained both by Punkin Face and mutters and "huh"s from The Greats and G&J. It was kinda funny 'cause Punkin Face slept in her suit case since there was no pack 'n' play for her there. It worked beautifully. The llama's were entertaining as usual and the cat's numerous. The next day Dad took us back to the airport and we flew safely home...there was some turbulence and we had a rocky landing, but Punkin Face smiled and giggled through it. Little weirdo.

Now I am back at teaching, which has been a shock to my system and an adjustment for Punkin Face. I thought I was going to die of heartbreak the first week, but I think I am getting in the swing of things for now. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas break and then Spring break...anything to make it through the year. So far it has been difficult. The house is definitely suffering...and the laundry...and meals have been interesting. Oh well, I try to be positive. We are so fortunate to have a healthy girl and a warm home and loving family and friends and an awesome daycare. Punkin Face stays east of town with a good friend and has a little friend there. She gets lots of love and great care. I hope you all enjoy the pics. It's been too long.

Oh, Punkin Face was a frog for Halloween and she is at least 25 inches long now and probably 12lbs. Ginormous! She has a few 6-9month outfits she already fits in and most 3-6 stuff is too small unless it is a dress or seperate pants and shirts.