February 2, 2008

6 Month pictures

Just some more photos. I think I went a little overboard. I dressed her summery 'cause I am sick of this cold weather.

February 1, 2008

6 Months!

Hello to all and Happy New Year (a little late). We've been pretty busy These days. Hubby and I celebrated our 3 years together at Estes Park in a little condo, which was really fun. We didn't do a whole lot. In fact we really only ate out once. I don't think you can count Taco Bell as eating out. It's kinda funny how laid back you can become about something that three years ago was planned down to the tiniest detail. Of course, we all know anniversaries are NOT weddings. Not that we don't care about our anniversary...just relaxed about it(after all, Nora came along because I couldn't bear to be without her just yet). Each year we learn more and more about how we should spend our anniversary. This time we brought lots of food in case nothing was open. Last year we had our anniversary dinner at Denny's I think. It was the only place open Christmas Day Eve. Anyway, we did a lot of relaxing and went shopping for much of the day(24th). Then Christmas Day was our checkout day. We took a family picture in the beautiful snow and went to see if any of the shops were open (some said they were going to be open).
Then the next week we went to Cornland to visit my Mom, Grandma, Aunt & Uncle, Sister and Family and all the rest. That was really fun to share Punkin Face with them again and some hadn't seen her yet, so that was good to finally introduce her. Like most family gatherings it was pretty crazy. Hubby got sick and I got a touch of something. No matter how long you get to visit your family it never seems like enough time. Maybe all would not agree with me, but that's how I feel. That's most of it for Dec. and New Years.

This month went by fast and Punkin Face had her half birthday on the 29th. We had The Painter and The Sitter and Punkin Face's friend over for some magic and they brought us a half birthday cake and tacos (a healthy delicious meal by the way). It was a yummy time. I will get more pics of Badora...more professional looking photos for her 6month celebration. For now this is what you get.