September 22, 2008

Polling Time

We're coming up on election time so, in true election spirit, we're doing a poll! The poll is located to the right of this post at the top of the sidebar.

What do you think we're having? It could be a boy, it could be a your vote and we'll let you all know next week sometime.

*If you vote more than once I will send my robot ninja monkey army to stomp your click-happy finger into pulp.

September 15, 2008

August Update...I know, it's September.

We had a family reunion the last part of July to the beginning of August. Here is the view we had for a couple of days.

This is a dinosaur footprint in the rocks, but it is caked with mud, so you can't see it very good.

Nora and I out to see the pictographs after dark.

Here is a shot of the pictographs, very cool.

For entertainment the guys shot off rockets. Nora didn't like it too much.

She didn't like bath-time either. You should have seen her when her hair was being washed. We think she was slightly traumatized by her birthday dive into her swimming pool. She is much better about bath time now, thank goodness.

Another pretty view.

This is looking through a separation in some rocks that overlooked the camp. Hubby and I went on a walk up there and carved our initials in the rock, which is a tradition.

JK+N 08

Find the lizard.

One of the family members got into a wreck the last night we were there. She spent the night in the car, but was surprisingly not hurt.

Beautiful birthday flowers from hubby.

Here they are again. They wouldn't fit in one vase.

Nora in her birthday outfit from her auntie, uncle and cousins and her birthday headbands that I got her.

She's got her teenage look down already, I can't wait.

Now the purple headband.

Brooklyn stayed over one day. She and Nora had lots of fun together.

They watched Hubby play a video game.