April 16, 2009

Happy 3 Months, Coen!

Well, I can't believe that our little guy is already 3 months old! Here are some of the things he's doing:

Going potty (in his diaper)
Smiling really big
Looking at close objects
Riding his air bike
Sucking on hands/fingers
Getting really mad (yes, he's already got a temper)
Finally, as you can see here he's also being really, really cute. :)

Miss Badora really likes him, but doesn't understand that he's not a toy to hit, bite or jab her thumb into his eye. We will continue to work on that one. Cocoa Puff doesn't get as much attention as our Miss Badora once did so he isn't doing all the things she did at this time. He can almost hold his head up, but hasn't yet discovered his hands and therefore cannot grab stuff yet... I think Miss Badora was doing all that stuff by now. Funny how the second one doesn't get as much attention or pictures... poor guy.

We also recently had some wonderful company which was really nice. Our sisters CJ and BB came and we got to celebrate BB's birthday which was a real treat.
I put a few decorations up... I always liked the decorations we got when my sis and I had our birthdays at our gramma's house on the farm. (hint, hint)

We've had other company too these past few months so I'll try to get a few of those pics up as well.
This is my favorite picture of Mom and Miss Badora while Mom was here helping out. Miss you Mom. :(
This was probably the best picture of all the kids when My Sis and her hubby were out visiting during spring break. They were a constant blurr of kids in motion. That was a blast! Come back again soon.Fat. Bald. Innocent.
Funny hair. It stands up straight if it's wet. I thought she looked like a bug.

This is our little girl getting stuck in a box... someone had a similar picture on her website. I too thought I should get a picture before I helped her. :)

April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

I have been super busy and, although I love pranks, I haven't had any time to come up with anything fun for April Fools Day. But here's me and my crew at Sierra, being dumb:

Sierra Trading Post April Fools

Welcome to April folks.