December 29, 2006

Baby FAQs

Wifey is pregnant! We're spreading the news and below is the list of FAQs that we get:

How far along is Wifey?
As of this original posting and according to the doc, 9 weeks.

When is she due?
July 25th, 2007.

Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl?
I was surprised how much I've been asked this. Yes. When the baby comes out I hope it's obvious. But, sarcasm aside, we will probably find out in advance by ultrasound.

Were you planning to have kids?

Are you excited?
Yes. It's scary but exciting.

Has Wifey been sick?
Not so far.

Any cravings?
Beyond the usual, unreasonable lust for chocolate, popcorn or junkfood? Not yet.

I will post more FAQs as we have more news and more questions.

Dragged, kicking and screaming, into blogdom

I hate blogs. But then, I work in online marketing. So I "get" to read the sort of trite, garbage that would-be journalists post, lauding themselves as legitimate sources of news and entertainment or making other absurd claims.

What is the point of this blog? Not having to send you email to be sure. See, if you come here to read this I don't have to make sure that I included you on the email that had our latest pictures, etc. And if you don't come here to read this then it's your own fault.

Hopefully, I can pawn off this whole blog posting business on my wife. Either way you can expect to see approximately 8 posts before we abandon the project altogether. If I do most of the posts you can plan on a solid balance of jaded cynicism, geeky jokes that you probably won't get, and sarcasm, interspersed with occasional mania.

What was our blogging inspiration? Mostly the fact that everyone else is doing it. If I wasn't terminally lazy I would use a cooler blogging software like WordPress.

Anyway, enjoy and leave comments if you are bored at work.