October 5, 2010

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month!!

October is here, although it doesn't really feel like it. It had to be in the 80's today! But, anyway, this month is a month for awareness. Most of you might think of October as being breast cancer awareness month, but we are going to try to get Rett Syndrome right up there with breast cancer!

Is Rett Syndrome just as prevalent as breast cancer?? NO, not even close. But, it IS just as devastating to the ones it affects AND I would like to believe that it's 100% closer to being cured than breast cancer is (not that I don't wish it were the same for BC).

That's right, I said cured. That means we are on the "home stretch", and if you know just a little about running, NOW is when you start to put a little more effort into your stride. You can see the end, you know you don't have to save anymore energy. The harder you push the closer, the faster the end comes. Then you can FINALLY take that deep breath of air that your burning, tight lungs just can't handle at the moment. You can FINALLY rest your legs- that are at the moment screaming at you for each stride taken. You see, your body doesn't know that the end is near, but your mind does, and your eyes can see it, so you push, push hard to the end. To be done... At least that's how I run. Then again I don't really run to race... at least not distance. I run for the sense of accomplishment that I get when I complete the run. And I like to be DONE.

Well, I got a little taken up with the running bit and got a little off track here. Now is the time where we don't have to think about saving our efforts because the end IS in sight. And the harder we push people to just know about Rett Syndrome the faster the cure will come.

I couldn't believe the kind of results our little purple cards about Nora led to. As many of you know, a crew of us ran the Bolder Boulder this past May and something really awesome happened just because we handed out the purple cards. I had a friend from high school who happens to live there who happened to be friends with one of the girls I handed a card to, who happens to work with special needs children. Too many "who happens to's"? Sorry, anyway, if you weren't following: This friend of mine works with special needs kids and she is enrolled in the Kick for a Cause event ( I think it's a yearly event) where they have teams who play kick ball for a certain charity. If they win, all the money (from entering the event, which is a certain price for each team) goes to their chosen charity. Well, this friend asked me if Nora still had a page for donation and I gave it to her. I kinda forgot about it, but then got an email from Ingrid H. who is the founder of GirlPower2Cure's website saying it was so neat to open her email to find over $1000 donated to GP2C in Nora's honor. I was so surprised when I found out it was from my friend, who at the time I didn't know was in this event. What also surprised me was that I wasn't that close to her and hadn't even realized what affect this purple card could have on people. So, that just showed me! I am now going to hand out these purple cards at any appropriate moment... probably, like, not to the person in the stall next to me in the restroom...but, you know... When the opportunity seems right.

So, other than the purple card I plan on doing some other actual fund raising things and/or awareness events. There is a garden of hope that I plan on taking to local stores to see if they're willing to be involved. It's just like the march of dimes, but with flowers. I think each flower can cost a dollar. I'm excited, but time is slipping by and I need to get on top of it. If anyone wants to help out there's lots of good ideas for fundraising on the www.girlpower2cure.org website and probably all over the web. Just let me know. But please don't feel like you have to. I hate when I feel pushed and that's not what I'm doing. JUST if your interested.

Well, everyone have a fabulouso October! So far it's been amazing weather. I'm sure we will get a snowstorm the last of the month, though. Stay tuned for Halloween costumes. Any ideas?

Randomness follows:
I do cook sometimes... but not nearly enough. Sorry, hubby.

And Justin got some air the other day. He must eat enough anyway.