October 29, 2009

Fall Fun at Harvest Farm

Hey, Llama, who's your mama?

Llama: "Are you my mama?"
Cow : "No! Shhhh...
Goat: "Yeah, shhhh. This is no time for questions. Now, be quiet, so we can give thanks.
Fall: the time for picking out pumpkins, jumping in leaves and taking rides in home-made barrel trains decorated like cows pulled by a tractor...and getting dirt in your teeth from the dust blowing in your face while your rear end turns numb as a result of being too big for the home-made barrel train decorated like cows??
Nora and Hadley take a look at their new home town... just their size.
Hubby and I go for a romantic stroll in the toddler corn maze... I swear we didn't get lost.

The corn bin! Coen and Nora made us look like we starve them, both trying to eat the corn.Nora got to kiss the sheep... goat... whatever this thing was it was sure cute.
This is the out-take of our romantic walk in the toddler corn maze... Or maybe the other one was the out-take... I can't remember. After all, this one actually has a toddler in it.
The look of pure glee on my face shows how much I am enjoying this. Smashing pumpkins is as fun as it looks.
Our newest family picture. Not bad, except the woman in the background is ruining it... she is not related...at all.

I will also post some pictures of our Texas trip, but felt the need to post a FALL post as "fall" is more like winter since we have, like, a foot of snow at least. So, coming soon are Texas pictures.