May 6, 2008 launched

So, I haven't really mentioned it on the blog yet but I started a new website as a distributor of binoculars, scopes and other shooting and hunting gear. Wifey is not going to teach next year. She put in her notice and will be a full time mom as soon as school gets out. Part of my goal with the new website is to create a bit of replacement income to compensate for the sudden drop in household cashflow! That and the fact that I love shooting...I'll probably be my own best customer.

Everything on the site so far is manufactured by NcStar. NcStar scopes probably don't measure up to Leupold's mid and high end or other high-end optics manufacturers but their products have a lot of features for the price and seem to be pretty solid. There is no middle man between me and the manufacturer and they don't do any advertising like Leupold, Redfield or other big names do so they can sell a lot cheaper. I put one of their scopes on a varmit rifle and have been very pleased with the results.

Anyway, it's been fun building the website and learning a lot more about optics and such. I still have a lot of work to do on the product copy blocks and website in general but everything is in place and working - it's been a lot of hard but fun work.

The website: NcStar scopes

Suggestions or comments to improve the site are welcome. I'm working on a coupon system so I can give family, friends and blog readers a discount. Otherwise, if anyone is interested, shoot me an email and I can do a special price.