July 20, 2008

Recent Travels

Lots of pics and catch up, so here we go:

This picture is the most hilarious picture of Nora on May Day with her flowers that Gramma M got her... I think she liked them.

This is Mom and the family at convention, minus Ocean, as he's off somewhere playing real hard. Senna is looking all moony eyed at Nora. She adores her only girl 1st cousin.

Nora loves her Uncle D.

After convention we went to the "Nutt Farm" as I shall call it. We had lots of fun. Daddy didn't come out 'till later so in the mean time we took pictures by the water pump and took a wagon ride and did lots of stuff, that I will have to post later, until Daddy arrived. I had to take a picture of Nora on the infamous swing that we have had lots of pictures taken on, some of which I will also have to post another time. These last two pictures are of some incredible clouds that came in North of the farm and then the farm at sunset...beautiful. That's it for now. I apologize if the pictures and words are all screwed up, as I am very compy/blogger/tech illiterate!

July 11, 2008

New York, new job, new year for Nora

Some bits of news....

Nora turns one this month! We have some great pics and videos of her but we are slow to get them posted. We'll get something new up soon.

I got a new job! Or rather, I got a promotion. I was the Search Engine Optimization manager for Sierra Trading Post. Now I'm the Web Marketing Manager. I'm in charge of our online marketing team and online marketing efforts. One of our guys is leaving and one of the people was me. Which means that the first thing I have to do is hire a replacement for each of those positions: PPC Specialist and SEO Specialist. I won't bother to explain what those positions will do right now because it would probably bore most of you.

Suffice it to say that the new position is challenging in that I have a lot of goals to monitor and meet as well as having personnel under me. The largest group of people that I have been responsible for in the past is two. It will also be exciting because I will hopefully be able to do some really cool projects with our website to make it easier to find, surf and shop. I have a cool team that I have already worked with for awhile so....should be fun.

I went to New York recently on business with Bertrand The Bold (whom you may remember from previous mountain biking posts and who is now part of my marketing team). Our hotel was on Times Square and we spent a morning just walking around Times Square and then central park. We even saw a huge fire! Pictures below...

some castle, central park

some bridge, central park

some family, central park

some cool guys, The Plaza Hotel

some fire, columbus circle