February 17, 2010

Dress Up 2 Cure

This is really gross, but Nora had a bloody nose the other week and this is what I found when I went to get Nora that morning. This was following a horrible night. Up from 2-6am.... Poor girly. I even had the humidifier going. I left out the rest of the blood for those with a weak tummy.

More exciting news:


So, I was very excited to see that we have our team Nora page up and running for the Dress Up 2 Cure event on April Fool's Day to raise money for Girl Power 2 Cure. I was even more excited to see that we are already over 25% of the way (by the time I finished this post we're at the 50% mark!!) to our fund-raising goal of $625. I had to set a goal and I had no idea what to set it as... they gave a suggestion and I went for it. Maybe I should have set the goal higher. I have issues with failure, but that's a whole different post....

Anyway, check it out! I am very excited/nervous. I am going to try to grow a "garden of hope" with some of the grocery stores/businesses and set up a Dress Up 2 Cure event at the local school/s to try to raise a bunch of money. I would like to have a run for next year... Runnin' for Rett. I am not ready this year, however, some good friends and we will be running the Bolder Boulder and raising money for Nora there. We'll see how that goes before I create a specific run just for Nora...

If you are at all interested in helping let me know. You can do all sorts of fund-raising events: A Bowlathon, a board game tournament, tea party, bake sale, run/walks, silent auctions, pretty much whatever your imagination comes up with. If you are interested, go to this web site as a start: http://www.dressup2cure.org/ There you will find information (too much for me to explain in this post). You can join our team or start your own or just take a look and see what it's all about. Or you can call me if this is too confusing and you want to help, but don't know how.

Anyway, I am hoping to be somewhat successful this first go-around. I'm excited to learn how big of a help I can be to Nora and all the other girls out there struggling with this Syndrome. Not many people know what Rett Syndrome is or have even heard about it. Lots of people know what Autism is. Finding a cure for this seems like something attainable, and it would help out many other disorders in the process, ones like Autism, Bipolar disorder, and many more. They're linked somehow and I think it would be great to have been involved in helping find a cure. I sure am glad there are people out there a lot smarter than me doing the actual "finding" for the cure! :)

Anyway, that's all I better say before I ramble on and on and lose everyone. Hope everyone is doing great and I'll find more pics to post for the week, so I don't get any hate mail for bailing on that this week. ;) Ah, but before I post more pics check this out too:


this is a great video about Ingrid Harding and her daughter Sarah. Ingrid started the whole Girl Power 2 Cure website. Check it out. She's really amazing and she's done so much for these Rett girls!

I made a couple of aprons last week for a sister/friend of mine and her daughter. I think they liked 'em. :D They were a lot of fun to make. I used an old skirt of mine and some ribbon and red/white polka dot fabric and a few buttons.

February 10, 2010

Walking, Walking

So, I realize that it is past Monday, the day that I designated to be the "post" day, but I had nothing. My posts are already boring, so I didn't want to make the problem worse. Then I remembered a video we took the other night:

How could I forget this, you ask? Well, because nothing has happened since. We are convinced Coen could walk if he wanted, but he's much more comfortable crawling (and much quicker). In time you will see a video of him taking more steps. But not today.

Some other news that's kinda old is that Nora got a walker to use from STRIDE (Thank you, Thank you, STRIDE!!). She actually switches every other week with a different one. You can see the red one in the video here, which is a forward pushing walker. The other walker is purple and she pulls it along behind her. Much to my surprise she does a little better with the purple one. I am so excited about this. I got all emotional at the YMCA the other week to see her screetching and laughing walking around with the other kids. It was great!

I've got to find a video of her in it... here we go:

Pretend that our house is spotless... because it always is, of course. This is a rare day where there's clutter around... everywhere... Ummmm....

See you next week.

February 1, 2010

Last week of January... already?

Already gone, that is.

I tried to make Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo the other night and it was okay, but not the best recipe maybe... First off, don't use cooking wine when it calls for beer. Just doesn't cut it. It was too sweet, but still good. It just didn't have that Gumbo taste I was craving. Hubby got the bright idea to add Chulula to the Gumbo and then it was excellent. Way to go, Hubby! If something's not great, just add Chulula. I gotta go buy some more, we're out!

Friday we went for a stroll. This is the new bike trailer I got for 30 bucks from Salvation Army. A very good deal if you look up how much these guys are. Like, just under 200 buckaroos... I think. Anyway, it was a deal. I like to use it as a stroller for now. It's too cold for me to bike.

Coen and Nora snuggle right up in there and usually fall asleep. Nora managed to stay awake this time.

I was a little discouraged this time I went up the hill outside our subdivision. I use this route as a 2mi run and it's perfect because it's uphill the first mile and downhill the way home. And I used to run it in the evenings when the sun was going down and I had nice, little, grassy hills on both sides of me. Now there is this electrical farm on the West and on the East?...
Apartments!! Yay! I don't dislike apartments, but the ones right behind our house don't supply the worlds best neighbors. (i.e. cars driving over lots, drivers throwing certain glass bottles out their window as they drive by, cars screaming through our subdivision paying no attention to the possibilities of children in the streets, etc.) And it's definitely not as pretty as grassy hills with antelope roaming through. :( I'm not sure what I expected living in town. My idealist mind was in charge of the thought that I could have my little grassy hills in town, I guess.
Finally, Coen got his very first haircut Friday night. Now our little baby is a little boy. :( I had to cut his hair because he was starting to look goofy, I just couldn't get myself to cut it all off. So, I left the top long. This was right after his bath when his hair is more curly.
This one shows the more natural look... no Elvis do goin' on here.

Well, I stuck to my rule of posting every week so far. This is only the second week.... but, it's definitely an improvement. See you next week.