June 1, 2009

Nora Stands!! And Other News

'So what has been happening with the Johnson clan?', you ask. I now present you with the merry month of May:
Nora can multi-task: not only can she stand, but she can look cool while doing it. We're all pretty proud of her. Wahoo, go Miss Badora!

We started off May with a family reunion and had pictures taken... by the end we were all ready to be done (with the pictures not the reunion). I didn't get the whole family on my camera, but I got this one of all the great-grandkids with the great-grandparents. And I think that's Papa claping in the corner.
Papa with Hadders and Coco Puff.
My Mother's day gift I made for Momer-na: A garden apron.

And then it was Hadders' birthday bash on the 16th!!Lots of cool presents....
Yummy cake....(yes that is cake in her ear)
and a nice nap with Papa.

During this party someone else was having a birthday:
Welcome Baby "D"!!!How precious...I'm kinda bumbed that this is the only picture we have.
Then I balanced an egg.

Then Miss Badora ate a snack and watched Mommy plant some Irises and Violets in the new planter that Daddy built.
All the while Coco-Puff just slept away. Those were some beautiful days!
We enjoyed one of those beautiful evenings with a trip to the new-ish park with lots of fun rides, including this spinning plunger thingy. I think J^2 and I had just as much fun as Miss Badora.
And we finished with a stroll around the "lake".
It got a little bit cooler and Coco Puff watched Daddy move some dirt around.Hello cute little froggy. Isn't it cold out here?

Coco Puff got a bath... which happens about once a month these days. Poor guy.

That pretty much sums it up for the month. There are a few things missing, like some weddings and anniversaries and work day at Chugwater and...okay May was a busy month. I just couldn't get it all in here.

And Now...

Yes! You can see it with your own eyes, now. Miss Badora is a stander. Yay! Horay! And, I know, to some of you this is old news, but if you haven't seen it you can see it now.