June 1, 2010

Nora's Army: Rett Runners!

This weekend was insane! We went to a conference about Rett Syndrome in Colorado Springs. It started on Friday and went all the way through Sunday afternoon. It was amazing, encouraging, informational and totally worth it for the experience and knowledge gained. We'll probably post more about that later.

On Monday we ran the Bolder Boulder with a bunch of Friends. We decided some time ago that it would be fun to do a running event together and the Bolder Boulder was a great first run. It is in Boulder, CO and is a 10k (6.2mi). The course winds around downtown Boulder and ends at the CU Stadium (Folsom Field).

We made Nora's Army Rett Syndrome Tee Shirts for our group that was running together and handed out cards about Nora/Rett Syndrome to bystanders. The race was exhausting (partially because the conference was mentally draining and we were low on sleep) but we had an amazing time. I think the kids had fun watching from the sidelines with their Grammas too (whom I didn't get in the video, sorry!).

I don't have time to go into much detail about the weekend or race but the video above is a compilation of shots of the race from my phone. I might make a better one if I get pics and videos from others...I didn't have a ton to work with.

Thanks to everyone that helped out both at the conference and the race. It was a really fun weekend that managed to be exhausting and refreshing all at once.