February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day and Other News

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Well, Gramma K is still here and this morning she made us all a wonderful breakfast of Dutch babies and bacon...so yummy! Thanks Ma! Then, I got everyone a little Valentine gift, so we opened those and the ones from Gramma M and Papa. It was fun. We usually don't do so much for Valentine's day, but since Mom was here I thought it would be fun. Then I took pictures of Coco Puff and Punkin Face with their Valentine's Day loot.

I got Coco this cute onsie that says "Already breaking hearts," but you can't really read it. I realized today in my Valentine mode of needing to dress the kids in "Valentine clothes" that it's hard to find something a boy can wear so he doesn't look girly. I think I pulled it off though.

Punkin got a few more things this year than last. She loved it all!
These are my favorite...if only she would keep them on.

Other News: The New Face of Google

We thought starting him out early would guarantee a successful career in the whole computer industry. He's the newest member of the Google Team! Google is expanding their horizons: Google is now reaching out to mothers and babies all over the world by using Coco Puff as the new face of Google.

Okay, that may just be Hubby's wish, but it sure is cute anyway.
Google actually sent Hubby this bag, blanket, onsie and hat as a congrats to our newest addition. All made from organic cotton of course. It was really nice of them. So, in return I took pictures of our little man all wrapped up and modeling their baby line.

Here's the entire package. cute.