April 29, 2010

Dress Up To Cure Fundraiser Day

A coworker snapped this ridiculous picture of me today. I came to work dressed as a nerd (bring on the "clever" comments) for Nora's Dress Up To Cure day. To my surprise, as of this posting, friends and coworkers have donated almost $170 for the cause. Because a lot of people just gave me funny looks, I taped a sign to my back that says:

(and pledge $5 to cure Rett Syndrome)

Lots of people chipped in with $5 and several for more. A few also took advantage of the kick...Kristy and the kids dressed up too but I don't have pictures of them so Kristy will have to add them later.

In other news, I created a Zazzle site for Nora. Zazzle is a site that allows you to design and sell t-shirts. You can mark them at whatever price you want (above their prices) and sell them for free or profit. Nora has a lot of supporters both in spirit and that have actually donated. Most of the donations go to fund a cure for Rett Syndrome but we also are going to start a special needs trust to help cover her health costs if something happens to us. This site is a start towards that goal as I am setting all proceeds aside to directly benefit Nora. Each item doesn't earn much but many have expressed enthusiasm in wearing t-shirts in the upcoming BolderBoulder race and other events. Either way, feel free to check it out by clicking on the image below:

Good times,

April 14, 2010

Coen has Euro Style... and Other News

We're Moving!!!
This would explain why I haven't posted in, like, 2 months... :( I was doing so well for a while there. Mom came to visit in March and apparently I didn't take any pictures while she was here. Another :( .... Well I hope this makes up for not posting at least a little bit. Enjoy the many pictures.

Coen sits on Nora. Here area few shots that show his new hobby.
With everything a mess and half in boxes, half in unorganized piles, there's bound to be some getting-in-to:

They spilled the salt. What happens now? You're supposed to do something, right?

Mommy, can we go outside!?
Okay, just for a little bit... Or a while, so Mommy can play too:

Which one is best? You decide.
Try # 1

Try # 2
Try # 3
A different angle
Coen thought I was pretty funny jumping over them the whole time we were outside. Yes, I am a bit dorky, but I sure love playing with my camera.

Picnic Time
It was so nice the other day The Painter's wife talked me in to meeting her and her family at the park for a run and then a picnic. It was really a nice day for a picnic.
I'm pretty sure Coen has the "Naef Scowl"
Looks like great uncle Jack here.
Nora eats grass. Baaaa! Baa!
And ponders....

Nora Likes Rice

Nora gets so tickled when she eats sometimes.... When this happens we usually need to take a break, so she doesn't choke. Silly girl!

Valentine's Day
This is very out of order, but important nonetheless.

Gramma helped the grandkids cut out cookie shapes and frost them. They were so delicious! Yummy! I had my fair share... and then some.

Coen Has Euro Style

Yes, Coen is kissing the horsey.

Well, Coen has Euro style if you ignore the completely dorky sandals (I packed away his only brown shoes). I guess he just looks like a tourist... At least he's a cute tourist. This little outfit was picked up in Spain especially for Coen from some good friends/cousins. Thanks!!