August 12, 2010

Rett Conference 2010.... late update.

This was the main floor of the restort that had the conference. We were just waiting around for stuff to start. The dining area/buffet was to the right. They had amazing food! I ate a lot.
Bangin' on the table.
It's all about you, baby.
This is us sitting at our table at the tribute party they held for us. There was lots of yummy desserts in the back. They played a tribute video, had some dancers and Kevin Black (Clint Black's brother) and another young band performed for the girls as well.They had a silent auction as well and Gramma M made this. It was a big hit and sold for a lot.These are a few of the things I made for the silent auction. I also made some nesting baskets, a painting, and a bib with sensory toy attachments.
I just love this heavy beat and music. We got a performance from these dancers. It was pretty cool, but hard to see.This guy was the lead singer of the young band I mentioned earlier. He sang to many of the girls out on the dance floor. It was really sweet.

All in all it was a wonderful event! We learned so many helpful and encouraging things. I would love to go to the next one, if we can afford it. I would have liked to have more pictures, but it was a crazy time. We enjoyed being able to stay with some good friends, so we were close by and didn't have to pay for the hotel as well. Thanks a billion! You know who you are. We had a lovely babysitter as well, who we couldn't have done without. THANKS SO MUCH!!

August 5, 2010

New Blog Design

So, I'm sure you noticed that I applied a new design to our blog. The previous one had been in use since 2007 with very few changes. So...I upgraded.

This design uses a lot of transparency so you get nice, glassy-looking foreground colors. It's purty but may load slow or display all jerky on some computers.

Ultimately, I want the blog to readable first and aesthetically pleasing second. So, if you have trouble reading PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT so I can continue experimenting with templates to find something that looks fresh but displays well.


August 2, 2010

Nora Can Walk

So hopefully this is okay for now. Nora is napping at the moment and this is the only video I have of her walking on our Flip. She was a little fussy that day, so sorry for the screaming, Poor Nora. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Nora!

WARNING: This is last years picture (I found it on my desktop). So, don't get too excited. I agree though, it's hard to not get excited about this picture!(wish Nora could still feed herself. This is one skill she has lost this year :( But on a good note she's learned to walk!!)

Real Post
I'm very frustrated! I'm sure some others are too! We are currently having some issues with our server, and of course, alllllll of our pics and video are on there. So, I was going to post a "Happy Birthday, Nora!" post, but I have no pictures or video to show you.

I know, it's all so frustrating, and with Nora walking now we are extra excited to share the news and show everyone. So, hang on to your britches and we'll hopefully have our server fixed shortly. I will try to post a video of Nora walking since I might have one on our camera that I didn't put on the server yet.