July 15, 2011

NO, WAY!!! Yep! It's a new post.

I had NO idea what to title this post. I keep thinking during events big and small that "oooh! This would be a great post, I really need to update our blog!" And then it never happens... So, I thought I just need to get on and post something to get started. So, here it is: Unorganized, random and rough drafty (as you all know, I'm NOT a pro writer. In fact, I bet most 5th graders can out-write me). This post will actually be very similar to what it might look like if there were daily tours through a door in my ear hole to my brain. The sign before entering would of course read: "Enter at your own risk" and there would most definitely be a disclaimer to sign...

We had a major hail storm that ripped up our backyard and damaged our cars and minor parts of our house and other outdoor belongings. Hubby took a pretty good video during the rage of the storm. Click here to see the excitement. At least I can blame my failed garden on mother nature and not my amateur skills... And thank goodness we don't live off of my skills as a gardener:
This guy looked a little freaked out the next day:

I've really been into this patchwork look and was previously having difficulty deciding how to fix up the "nursery" chair. I wanted it to be able to be used in another part of the house after Johnson Jr. #3 is done with it... I know this is just terribly exciting. I saw this web page and a few others and knew that's the style I was looking for. I also don't totally like when everything matches so nice and perfectly. AND I LOVE COLOR! So, I made cushions and a cover for our "new" rocker I got on freecycle- an awesome Cheyenne group introduced to me by a dear friend.
(Apparently I need to clarify that this is NOT the chair I made a cushion for)

We went to Super Day for the first time since living here in Chey-town a few weeks back. We'd always missed it because of conventions, but due to my largely expanding waist-line we didn't venture too far from home. I felt the need to post a preggo picture of me since there aren't any up here yet... please enjoy. So glad Mom could be here for all of this Wyoming excitement!

Did I mention I love this face?
And this one too?

I'll end with some words to live by:

"Love what you do." - Dove caramel wrapper
(tell ya what, I sure loved eating a few of those)

(This isn't a pic I took)
And some words not to live by:

"Remember your first everything" - Dove caramel wrapper
(um... no thanks)


Anonymous said...

haHA!!! loved your
"Remember your first everything" - Dove caramel wrapper
(um... no thanks)"
Well said!!!!

Great blog!!! hugs across the miles,
xoxoxo, N in NC

Jocelyn said...

Awesome post.

Julie S. said...

Yay! Thanks for the post. I've been thinking about you guys, wondering how you are doing. Nice to get a little glimpse here!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading that. Thanks for the reminder you do such things, ha.

Family Fun said...

Hey there!! I just happened to check your blog and found a new post. Your kids are getting soo big (and so are you:P) Looking forward to seeing new baby pictures.