November 15, 2011

Welcome to my New Baking Blog

Connie's Favorite Granola Bar Recipe

Ha HA ha! Just kidding. I'm just pretending today to be a baking blogger. I rarely get the creative drive to work in the kitchen. It's not that I don't like it. It's just that I would much rather be doing the 1 crazillion (yes, that's totally a number) other things that spark my creative motor. Ya hear me? So, today is rare, but it's not, like, legendary or whatever... I do "feed" my family. And ocAaaasionally I get a little ambitious and inspired. Mostly, I wanted to try out this one recipe and that led to another one, and then another idea hit me... Let's just say I usually get carried away with whatever I do. I made 2 batches of granola bars and a batch of granola and didn't quite make it to the fruit leathers that I wanted to get to. Another day, another blog (not really, though).

So, without further ado, I will let the pictures tell the story:

Wow! Look at those lovely ingredients! (bonus points for finding the baby sock)

And a little help with clean-up. :)

All in all it was an okay turn-out. My friend (Connie) gave me this recipe and on the instructions it mentions that these "chewy bars" can be eaten for breakfast with a cup of joe. Mine are more like "crunchity-careful not to break your teeth off-bars." And I had to substitute a few ingredients. But they taste good (but really, the pictures look better).

Excuses: My oven is hot (1) and I was dumb (2)and baked it the entire time it said to(3), which I should know by now is way too long for my oven(4). So, lesson learned and I will do better next time... whenever that may be. Which by that time I will have forgotten what I did wrong, BUT like I said before, if I'm not dumb, I shouldn't repeat those preposterous mistakes.


Jocelyn said...

You are allowed to have a baking blog as long as there are pics of the kids thrown in like today. :)

ant Vik said...

Love this blog if fun. I think you should do more cooking blogs. LOL
By the way the sock is in the picture with all the ingredients. Like Jocelyn said the kids make it more fun.

Anonymous said...

Now you need to make some for me!!! They look delicious!Gramma Myrna